And finally, here it is. I used to avoid wearing red nail polish because I hated taking it off. But after experimenting with different manicure procedures and techniques, I figured out a way to take off nail polish with no or minimal color residue. I suggest you do this after a hot shower, the effect is even better.

What you need is:
– nail polish remover
– cotton pads – I suggest 1 per 2 fingers – 5 altogether (use more if you’d like, they’re not that expensive)
– a small bowl with warm to hot water
– hair conditioner

The first thing you want to do is put a decent amount of hair conditioner into a bowl with warm water, or even hot, depends on what you can endure. Use an egg whisk and whisk those two together until the conditioner turns your water pasty and forms a nice foamy surface.

Soak hands in the solution for 10-20 minutes until your fingers go wrinkly and pruney. The conditioner will actually condition your hands and soften your nails and nail polish which will make it easier for you to take it off.

Now, the proper way to do this is NOT to wiggle the cotton pad from left to right because that way you’re actually creating color residue but to just pull it straight downwards (from the cuticle to the tip).


Also, do NOT use that same spot on the cotton pad to get off the rest of the color from that nail, rotate it, move it or fold it to find a clean spot and repeat the step. Your cotton pad will look like mine does in the left photo. That should be a rule with red and blue nail polishes: NEVER REUSE THE STAINED SPOT ON THE COTTON PAD. I’ll rather use 5 whole cotton pads for my 10 fingers than one and get left with wounded looking hands. And when you’re done you will have tint free but still pruney fingers like I do on the right photo and you’re ready for your next nail polish! :)

  • uvijek muku mucim sa skidanjem crvenog laka, probacu ovako :)

  • Zanimljiva ideja sa regeneratorom. :) A ja inače svaki lak skidam tako da i ako treba potrošim i koju više vaticu samo da ne umrljam prste. :) Odličan post!

  • Odlicno,definitivno cu da probam jer mrzim kad mi nokti ostanu zamrljani:)

  • I ja tako skidam crveni lak, jedino ne namačem ruke u toj regenratorskoj otopini. Super savjet u svakom slučaju.

  • Meni uvijek muku predstavlja skidanje crvenog laka…
    Pokusat cu se bazirati na ovaj tvoj nacin…


  • ovaj savjet s regeneratorom mi se uopće ne čini loš, pametno ;-D

  • Muke su to moje sa skidanjem crvenog laka (i opšteno svih tamnijih boja), ostane mi zamazan ceo nokat, strašno. Hvala za ideju, moraću da probam ;)

  • Ja sam prenestrpljiva da cekam 10-20 minuta xD

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  • obavezno javite jel vam uspjelo! :)

  • sjajno!

  • Genijalno! Nadam se da će delovati i sa ostalim tamnijim lakovima :)

  • I have to try this next time I use red nail polish! I usually avoid it ’cause it’s just so hard to remove :D


  • Ovo mi nikad ne bi palo na pamet, hvala :)