I love hot showers. Sadly, those hot showers and the cold winter weather dry out my skin.

Right now, after discovering that The Body Shop’s Cleansing Butter was doing more harm than good on my face, my skin has turned back to its old self. Currently, I’m only using natural, cold pressed oils, Moa’s Green Balm and Garnier’s Micellar Water to cleanse and nourish my skin. Unfortunately, the cold weather combined with the overly hot showers that I take every day dry out my skin. I love visiting Makeupalley’s review section before buying a product and especially if it’s a whole new category I’m trying out. I’ve owned two products by Origins before – their No Deposit shampoo and their Rich Rewards hair mask (it smells like pears – absolutely divine).


I’ve never owned a face mask before, and I’ve already read good things about the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask. The thing I loved most was its “without” list. It doesn’t contain any parabens, phtalates, propylen glycol, mineral oil, PABA, petrolatum, parrafin, DEA, synthetic color, synthetic fragrance or any animal ingredients. I know none of those ingredients would kill me, but the fact that a company decides to state that their product doesn’t contain these ingredients as a positive thing must mean that they aren’t favorable. If though, you are allergic or sensitive to fragrant oils, you might want to check out the ingredient list before buying this mask, because it does contain various oils.


Even though the mask is called an overnight mask, I never use it overnight. I twist and turn every night before falling asleep, a habit I cannot combine with a face covered in a product that shouldn’t touch my pillowcase. Also, it seems kind of pointless to leave it on overnight since some of the product must get absorbed by your bed sheets. Instead, I pick a day where I have time to lounge around at home, apply it as early as I can and enjoy its moisturising effect for hours. Instead of sleeping with it on for 8 hours, I’ll wear it around my place for 8 hours and read, study, cook or clean. Just try not to leave the house. :)


The cream is very thick, light yellow and smells of apricots. Personally, the scent doesn’t do much for me, but I’ve heard others rave about it. Some bloggers even called it the best smelling beauty product they own. I’ll leave that up to you. I paid €29,95 at the Austrian Douglas for this – which was definitely a splurge preceded by long-term research.



  • Maria

    Great post :) I was interested in this mask for a while now.

    But I can’t agree that these harmful ingredients you listed (not included in this mask :)) won’t kill us. It can cause allergic reactions, it can accumulate in our body and increase the probability of cancer. I think that product which stays on skin for whole day or night should be as harmless as it could get

  • Probala bih je makar samo zbog divnog mirisa, jer mi ne treba trenutno nova maska za lice :)

  • odlično napisan post!

  • Imam je i obozavam! :) Meni je miris malo intenzviniji i vestacki, ali svejedno, maska tako dobro deluje na moju kozu, da bih je nanosila i da smrdi.

  • Chicfee

    Voljela bih da su nam dostupni njihovi proizvodi, jer ih mnogi hvale i stvarno ih želim probati :) Odličan post, a fotke su da ne pričam ;)

  • Another reason to not leave it on over the night is that you have to change your pillowcase right away then, otherwise it will be a magnet for germs the coming days and increase the risk of pimples…

  • Biberlee

    As far as I can see the instructions, it doesn’t state that it should be left overnight. I think this “overnight” part rather refers to its ability to quench your skin’s thirst as long as 8 hours. And wipe off excess ;)

  • već dugo mi je na listi za probu, čim smanjim zalihe maski, isprobavam