When it comes to nails, I have stuck with the same routine for years. It works for my nails, and that works for me. The fact that it doesn’t feature extremely luxurious or expensive ingredients makes it approachable to everyone.

I start off by removing old nail polish. For this I use Ebelin’s Acetone Free nail polish remover, available at your local dm. I follow up by taking care of any hangnails with nail scissors. I do not use these or nail clippers to shorten my nails. Ever since I have discovered the wonders of the glass file, the only use for nail scissors is to clean up tiny messes around my nails. I also don’t use them to cut my cuticles.


I move on to nail shaping. This glass file from Müller is a fantastic tool to use when shaping your nails. Despite the somewhat higher price, a glass file has a rough enough surface to shape your nails into a desired form quickly, and not to forget is that the surface of the file doesn’t wear off nearly as quickly as other nail files do. The second nail file, a rather classic one is beneficial when you want to even out any bumps that may appear on your nailbed. It is very soft to your nails and won’t file away too much, but merely create an even surface to apply your desired nail polish to. Finally, to take care of my cuticles, I apply a generous amount of the beloved green balm by Moa, which is essentially a mixture of various oils and waxes, to them and finish with a gentle massage. The wooden stick, which you can get hundreds of for a couple of US dollars on Ebay, is a great little utensil to push your cuticles back with. After pushing back the cuticles, I continue to massage them for about 10 to 15 minutes. Usually, I do that while enjoying a TV show or a good youtuber’s video (currently loving VSauce).


Once the balm has absorbed, I wash my hands thoroughly and dry them completely. My nails are then ready to be beautified. Essie’s Millionails is a base nail polish I am currently using and enjoying. It doesn’t contain the infamous ingredient called formaldehyde and it does what it promises. My nails haven’t shown signs of weakness ever since I let them grow, so that’s definitely a sign that the base coat is working its magic. After a coat of Millionails and two coats of whatever color I’m in the mood for, I finish off with a coat of Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri top coat. This top coat is ridiculous! It doesn’t shrink, it dries fast, and it’s super shiny! I cannot compare it to the famous Seche Vite as I’ve never tried it, but this is a true winner and I am beyond happy to have discovered it!


What does your nail care routine consist of? How often do you repeat certain steps on a weekly basis? :)

  • Moja rutina je vrlo slična, samo što ja za zanoktice koristim maslinovo ulje koje sam stavila u bočicu od nekog kupovnog ulja za zanoktice. Dopunila sam je već bezbroj puta i trudim se da to ulje nanosim što češće, najčešće dok gledam neku seriju ili video, baš kao ti. Takođe ne sečem zanoktice nego ih samo guram, i ne sečem nokte već ih turpijam. Nažalost nemam staklenu turpiju ali bih stvaaarno volela da kupim jednu! :) Inače za top coat koristim Seche Vite i to mi je pored OPI top coat-a najbolja stvar koju sam probala, ali nešto u poslednje vreme pravim pauzu od lakiranja. Sally Hansen proizvodi nisu baš lako dostupni kod nas, a super mi se čini taj top coat, odnosno verujem da je dobar ako ti kažeš :)

  • Looks like you have a great routine, I love the Instadri!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  • Jean Love

    koja je marka ove rašpice? razmišljam da kupim :)

  • To ti je najobičnija rašpica od Ebelina iz DM-a :)

  • it’s wonderful, isn’t it!

  • Jean Love

    mislila sam na staklenu :)

  • aaa, sorry! :) staklena je iz Müllera, košta nešto manje od 50 kn, njihova marka!

  • Jean Love

    Sve okej :) tenks!

  • Maslinovo ulje je također fantastično! Ja isključivo koristim green balm jer mi se pokazao tako učinkovitim u toliko primjena, a već je praktično pakiran. :)

    Staklene rašpice su odlične, moja je iz Müllera, od njihove vlastite marke, pa ako se nađeš u blizini, obavezno pogledaj. Taj hvaljeni Seche Vite nikada nisam probala, ali dobar top coat totalno promijeni manikuru i digne ju za još jedan level!