The nail polish brand Essie was truly the best discovery of 2014 for me. Because it happened towards the very end of 2014, I managed to accumulate quite a large number of their nail polishes in a short time span. Essie’s nail polishes are glossy, easy to apply and very chip resistant. I won’t even go into their huge color palette and all the gorgeous limited collections.


I am a big fan of pastel nail polishes, but I haven’t been using them much up until now. Most brands don’t offer too many shades to choose from, but the worst part of pastel nail polishes used to be the sheerness. I need my nail polish to dry quickly, so that my manicure doesn’t last more than 10 minutes. With three coats, that becomes a problem. Essie has successfully solved that problem for me with 6 colors that have quickly become my favorite pastel colors.


The nail polish names are also links to their own posts.

Absolutely Shore is a beautiful minty, seafoam green, which looks a lot less green on your nails. When placed next to a baby blue like Find Me An Oasis, the green will poke through quite strongly. Apparently, it came out back in 2011 with the Braziliant collection; I got it online. Unfortunately, I got the US version with the thinner brush. I dislike the US brush sooooooooo much, it almost ruined this color for me. I actually swapped two brushes, as I find that the pastel colors strongly benefit from the wider brushes. I honestly pity the ladies in the US who need to struggle with the US version of the brush and I hope they’ll change them soon. The wide brush is a winner and a big role in Essie’s greatness.

Find Me An Oasis, a part of Essie’s Resort Collection 2014, is a true baby blue. At least in Europe it is. I have written about the differences between some US and EU shades before. The US version is brighter and not a true pastel in my eyes, so watch out if you decide to order it online.


Go Ginza was a Christmas present from my best friends. It is a lovely lilac color, even though Essie’s website describes it as a soft pink. I deliberately placed it next to Romper Room, a true soft pink, to make the difference more obvious.

Romper Room is the girliest shade you can go for. It is so soft and so sweet – a true pink that should look great on anyone’s hands. Because there is no hint of blue in it, it even looks good on my crazy yellow hands.


Urban Jungle is my most recent Essie purchase. I was battling the decision to try white nails for quite some time, and ultimately decided that a more muted white would be the better choice. Urban Jungle was the perfect one. I absolutely adore this nail polish.

Spin The Bottle, the nude of my life. Spin the bottle is such an elegant, opaque nude color, I receive compliments every. single. time. I wear it. Pair it with a few delicate rings and you’ve got yourself a fabulous, clean manicure.


  • I LOVE these colours but hate the way pastel colours look on my nails…my hands look dirty! LOL! :)

  • Go Ginza is one of my favourite essie colours, I wear it all the time!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  • Minna Beauty Corner

    Zadnja tri su mi najljepša. Spin the bottle je next :D

  • Ahh what a gorgeous collection, I love grouping pastel shades together, they look so cute. Go Ginza is a lovely colour! Thank goodness I’m not the only one to change brushes haha.
    xxx Claire

  • Chicfee

    Meni su apsolutno svi prekrasni i u zadnje vrijeme obožavam Essie lakove :)

  • Jean Love

    Romper Room i Absolutely Shore!! *.* *.* želiiiiiim, hehe :))

  • mihaela

    ahh they’re gorgeous


  • Kristina Kemešić

    Sve su divne, ali Go Ginza je točno ona nijansa koju bih voljela nositi ovo proljeće! :)

  • Oh my, such pretty shades! I absolutely adore Essie, should get more colours!