I have decided to kick off 2015 with a post about a miracle product I discovered at the end of 2014. Even though I have oily to combination skin, there are a few patches that need special taking care of, especially during the winter. As much as I love coconut oil, it’s not practical to carry around because it melts from a butter to an oil at room temperature. Plus, its smell turns rancid on my skin. Most commercial “butters” and “intensive” creams are packed with so many other ingredients that are just there to smell nice or sit on top of your skin. I decided to go for Moa’s Green Balm while it was discounted on Feelunique.


I really don’t need to talk about its ingredients – one look at the ingredient list shows that it is packed with 100% natural ingredients that are not tested on animals. The packaging absolutely blew me away. I adore cute and witty packaging and Moa has got that down. Opening the box reveals a boo! sign, and the sides of the box contain ingredients, directions and fun facts about the balm.


I must admit I was a bit sceptical when I saw that the balm can be used for 24 months after opening, and that its shelf life is 30 months, yet the ingredient list doesn’t show any preservatives. To clear things up, I e-mailed Moa’a team. They explained that because the balm doesn’t contain any water, the bacteria has no environment to grow resulting in it being able to last for much longer than 24 months, but they need to use that number as a guide line for European compliance reasons. Same reason why mineral water gets a “short” expiration date after flowing in nature for hundreds of years.


Since it contains a high dose of coconut and soybean oil, I would be very careful about using it as an everyday moisturizer, as both oils are known for their somewhat high comedogenic effect. Nevertheless, this balm is a fantastic cleanser and a true healing balm. It has a slight granule texture that melts into your skin like butter. No stickiness or oiliness is left behind. The light green balm smells very herbal. My boyfriend described it as minty, but he’s quite bad at describing things so don’t take that too literally. :) Girls who aren’t fans of natural cosmetics might not go crazy for the scent, but it does fade away with time.


Here are a few ways the balm has helped me personally:

– Chapped lips – No need to go over your lips a hundred times with a lip balm. Apply a bit of the green balm on your lips and sleep it off. You’ll wake up with healed lips. No joke.

Cuticles – Nourishing care for my nails.

Dry elbows – These can really sting if they get so dry from rubbing against clothes that they start to bleed.

Dry skin around the mouth – A very problematic area of mine. My nose and the whole area around my lips sometimes get flaky and dry, the balm takes care of that perfectly.

“Frostbite” – Trying to get home after a New Years party in a taxi is impossible. The following 4 km walk in – 10°C really took a toll on my boyfriend’s usually dry hands. His knuckles were red and rough, some even cracked. The green balm really made a difference, after each application the skin was softer and closer to healing.

I am downright impressed by this balm. It’s small enough to fit into any bag so you can take it everywhere and use it whenever you need to. It contains only the best ingredients that are suitable for a wide variety of uses (you can check for more of those).

I paid €10.50 for the larger, 50ml jar, but a smaller one (15ml) is also available. I hope that you will also discover Moa’s Green Balm and fall in love with it as much as I have. :)

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