My monthly favorites are coming quite late this time around. I left to visit my family a few days before April started and I wanted to take that time off and enjoy it with my family. But now that I’m back to my usual setup, the catching up shall begin! Many shelves were hit with completely new products or limited spring collections. Spring make up collections belong to my favorites so I’m always ready to spend a bit more during these months. I have managed to narrow down my favorites to five products, of which only one was part of my permanent collection before March began.


Starting from left to right, the first favorite of March was Essence’s whole new “The Gel Nail Polish” line. Finally, oh finally, Essence has listened to our cries and made a truly great, long lasting, yet affordable nail polish! Prior to the purchase, I had no idea that the gel line would be replacing their infamous “Color & Go” line, and the very first color I got was the simple, pure white one in Wild White Ways. I posted a photo of my nails after wearing this polish for three days and the wear was barely there. This is most likely the first affordable truly white nail polish that actually appears white after two coats. The whole color range is slowly coming to all stores and it’s very large! I got my hands on a few more shades after the white one and I guess the only thing that could be improved is the drying time. Essie has spoiled me when it comes to a quick manicure.

As part of Essence’s limited spring collection, their now popular longlasting retractable lipliners have also quickly become a favorite of mine. Five out of nine shades are now part of my own make up collection, but if I truly had to pick out a favorite for the month of March, it would be Yummy Berry. There’s something about berry tones that always wins it in my book. Here is my review of Yummy Berry.

Aaah, the lovely Alverde body butter. If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you most likely know about my struggles with certain artificial and natural fragrances. I am positive that the acidity of my skin somehow reacts with some fragrances and turns them into a rancid mess. Because of this problem, before I purchase any skin related product, wherever possible, I swatch it first to see how it reacts. These body butters come sealed so I bought the mini travel size of it first to make sure it wouldn’t smell bad. After using up the mini jar of butter I was ready to move on to the large one. I won’t be going into too much detail about this body butter as I plan on doing a detailed review about it soon, but I really, really like it and will repurchase it.


“You can never go wrong with Chanel.” – that’s what I truly believe when it comes to fragrances. In the vast sea of perfumes it’s incredibly easy to get lost. Chanel has never disappointed me with their range of fragrances and Chance Eau Tendre is my go-to spring perfume. Like the name reveals, a tendre, soft scent. Chanel gets it right every time.


Finally, another Essie nail polish. Fiji is an Essie classic. Though it was given a new formula that would prevent any color fading that it has experienced in the past, it has remained a favorite of many. I can understand why. Though it is quite similar to Essie’s Romper Room, even the new formula goes more towards white than pink and makes it the ultimate faded, pastel pink. I can see myself wearing it on an almost daily basis throughout spring.

Spring has officially started over two weeks ago, but since the sun just now started to appear on a more permanent basis, I am ready to get started with spring cleaning. Have you cleaned your windows, washed your curtains, cleaned out your make up drawers? :) I need to get started right away!

  • Lovely favourites! That Alverde body butter is one of my favs too…and you can’t beat the price! I can’t wear perfume…they give me a headache…I can only wear oil perfums or the ones that come in a stick (Lush’s vanilla one is my ultimate favourite!!). I too love that berry shade!!! A sweet little birdie sent me one!

  • Jean Love

    jedva cekam da i u HR dode ova nova essence formula, meni su se uvijek svidale boje tih lakova, ali im je trajnost na mojim noktima bila uzasna (npr. manje od 1 dana i slicno), tak da se bas veselim gel formuli, nadam se da bude mi ta odgovarala. :D
    alverde butter je dobar??? ja sam koristila Afroditin Spa i odlican je, samo kaj mi se trenutno ne uklapa u financijsku situaciju (studentski bugdet :D), pa bih mogla probati alverdeov. :) nikad nije kasno za post, drago mi je da opet pises, jasno mi je da svako treba odmor:)

  • Beatrix

    Odlično da su iz Essenca napokon izbaciti nove lakove. Nadam se da će ova linija biti bolja, jer su Color & Go bili stvarno očajni.

    Također OBOŽAVAM taj Alverde body butter, a jedina mana koju mu mogu naći je ta da se miris ne zadržava na koži. :(

  • Zipa This

    Alverde maslac je bio ljubav na prvo mazanje, ali ja sam još uvijek na mini pakovanju koje je slatko i praktično :D I da, volim miris koji je tako nježan i uvijek prolazi.

  • Sweet About Me blog

    Lakovi su divni. Alverde maslac moram isprbobati, jako volim maslace, ali ovaj još nisam isprobala. Taj Chanel sam prije 5, 6 godina obožavala, sad mi nekako više ne odgovara. Slike su divne! :)

  • Lucky you! :)

    I am really happy that this butter is working for my skin, I hate waking up smelling like vinegar when my skin reacts badly to the fragrance. I’ll definitely check out Lush’s oil perfumes, even though I banned myself from entering their stores. :D

  • Ajme ova gel formula je nebo i zemlja u usporedbi s color & go. Neću nikada zaboraviti koliko sam isfrustrirana znala biti s tim starim lakovima. Nalakiraš nokte i za 15 minuta ga na barem jednom noktu već fali. Do sljedećeg dana ga pola nema.

    Meni se Alverde-ov maslac zaista sviđa, fino se upije tako da nisam satima masna nakon nanošenja, miris je onako blago orašasti i fino se razmazuje. :)

  • Heheh, njegov miris sam baš otpisala kao neutralan, ništa posebno. Nisam znala da se nekome tako jako sviđa :) Možeš se svako malo mackati njima ili si ga na zapešće umasirati da ga možeš mirišati kad ti dođe. :)

  • I love the look of Fiji, such a pretty colour!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD // Win a Luxury Beauty Item of your Choice

  • I’ve been contemplating getting the Chanel perfume, but I still have many other perfumes that I need to use up!
    Fiji is such a pretty colour and I’ll have to make a note to pick it up.

    blush and simplicity

  • A Little Make Up Obsessed

    Divni favoriti, Chanel je predivan, voljela sam i ovaj Alverde maslac, Essie je divna boja, a ovaj Essence moram potražiti što prije, treba mi jedan takav dobar bijeli lak :)

  • Ena Sarić

    Sve mi se svidja! <3

  • Najljepši parfem ikad! Moj omiljeni :)

  • Ema

    Odavno gledam ovaj Alverde maslac za tijelo, al nikako da ga kupim :-) Essence je odličan, al Essie je divan <3