Hello there! Remember me? :)

Life’s been incredibly busy the past few months, with all the travelling and exams I barely have any time to photograph beauty products and write about them. I actually still owe you my May favorites! Though it’s already mid-June, I guess late is better than never.

I thought I could write about the new summer collection by Essence called Nauti Girl. I was in Müller buying some markers and decided to spend some time behind the beauty counters because the lines at the register were super long. As soon as I saw this collection, I was ecstatic. Nothing had been taken from the shelf which made me conclude that it was just put up there moments ago. I have never witnessed a full limited edition shelf, whether it’s a collection by MAC, Essence, Essie or any other brand. Without even thinking about it, I grabbed three out of four nail polish colors and I think I might have to go back to pick up the blush. I also got the super cute make up bag. Who can say no to anything nautical? An anchor combined with stripes is a winning combination.

What I really like about the blue cail polish “Oh Captain, My Captain” is that it contains just the right hint of purple, so it’s not your usual royal blue nail polish, it feels rather toned down. The nail polish has very good consistency, and even though it comes with a much thinner brush than Essence’s gel nail polish line, it’s easy to achieve good coverage with just two layers of color. One of the things I love most about this nail polish next to its lovely color is the fact that it doesn’t live an ugly blue tint on your nails or fingers when you’re taking it off.

Keep your eyes open and check out this collection when you spot it! Hopefully, there will be enough products left for you to pick up!


  • Predivni su mi lakovi iz ove kolekcije i jedva čekam da dođu Hrvatsku :) Mislim da ću uzeti sve lakove, neseser i rumenilo ;)

  • Jedva cekam nudac da vidim :D

  • Zelim Nauti Girl! Prekrasna kolekcija a i meni je fascinantno vidjeti na policama novu, netaknutu kozmeticku kolekciju (bilo cega)! Lucky you! Sta znaci biti na pravom mjestu u pravo vrjeme :)

  • Ema

    Divno ^_^

  • Prekrasen. Oranžen in bež imata grozno formulo.

  • Prelepe fotografije na koje je uvek suvišno trošiti reči, ali ne odolevam :))
    Dopada mi se i plavac, a jedva čekam da recenziraš i ovaj nude primerak :)

  • mfashionfreak

    prekrasnooo :)

  • The Sunday Mode

    This is a beautiful shade, I love how vibrant it is without being too in your face. I think blue shades of polish are probably my all time favourite.