Currently, the condition of my nails is very disappointing. Since I wasn’t able to save them from breaking off, I am still waiting for them to grow back after cutting them super short. Many beautiful nail polish shades have accumulated in my nail polish box yet I cannot wait to show them to you until my nails attain a certain look to showcase the lacquers properly.

If you’ve seen my two swatches of the Essence Longlasting Lipliners in Yummy Berry and A Girl’s Dream, you must know how in love I was with these. Their creaminess makes them ideal lipsticks, the colors are beautiful and the price for one lipliner is fairly low. Essence came out with nine different colors and I got four of them. The three nudes and the lilac nude weren’t really my thing as those tones usually clash with my skintone.

Ready For Red – a true, bold red. Did I really need another red? Along Mac’s Ruby Woo and Sleek’s Matte Me in Rioja Red, you’d think that I was covered. I also thought I was covered! I truly appreciate these two reds, both matte, dry and ultra longlasting. Ultimately, that was the exact reason why I bought Ready For Red. The creaminess of these lipliners won me over after I bought my first two. How beautiful is this red?


Again, you receive 0,23 g of product in a retractable plastic case for €1,45. Disappointed complaints started swooping in when some of my readers realized that these were only available in Müller stores. What a shame that is. I am also having a hard time understanding why Essence would decide not to make such a fantastic product available to everyone. Hopefully, they’ll change that decision soon.


You will always be able to find at least one of these lipliners in my bag. They end up on my lips on an almost daily basis, always on their own, never hidden behind a lipstick. If you live near a Müller store and haven’t tried these yet, I think you need to add a trip to the Essence counter to your to-do list. You won’t regret it! :)


  • mfashionfreak

    bila sam jučer u mulleru i znam da sam nesto jos mislila kupiti, i zaboravim da sam mislila na ove liplinere!! aaaaaaaaaa!! odličan je stvarno ovaj :)

  • Mihaela

    I obične olovke za usne su im jako ugodne na usnama, ova tvoja crvena me podsjetila na moju 10 femme fatale. Mrvicu su drukčije, ali i dalje prave crvene obje, krasno izgledaju :D