The more I fall in love with these lipliners, the more I feel the “gotta have ’em all” attitude creeping up on me. Essence has really brought out a gorgeous product – a very creamy and truly long lasting lipliner in nine shades, each more stunning than the last. Though meant to be worn as a lipliner, the creaminess of these lipliners makes them ideal lipsticks. Previously, I wrote about the fabulous berry color “Yummy Berry” which, according to one of my dear readers, is a good, much less drying dupe for Mac’s Flat Out Fabulous aka FOF. MAC’s FOF shade is a magenta pink that to my eye seems to have a few too many cold untertones for my yellow skin, so I skipped it.

Along with Yummy Berry, which was right up my alley, I also purchased the shade called A Girl’s Dream. I’ve been continuously torturing myself to come up with a good enough explanation of the color, because I find it completely unique. It’s somewhere between pink and red, like a muted raspberry color. To some extent it reminds me of Essie’s nail polish in In Stitches, also a very unique, warm blend of pink and red.

Essence_Lon glasting_Lipliner_A_GirlEssence_Lon glasting_Lipliner_A_Girl

As much as I raved about the price of the lipliner, I wanted to do some math before I was truly convinced of its “inexpensiveness”. The interesting thing about these retractable lipliners is how little product you actually receive. For 1,49 you receive 0.23 grams of product – which is extremely little compared to the usual 3 grams of lipstick at MAC. At this price, 3 grams of this lipliner would cost around 19,50, which is essentially exactly what you pay for a MAC lipstick (20). Not so cheap, huh? Nevertheless, if you’re someone who doesn’t wear lipstick often and feels bad about them growing old in your dark make up drawers, these lipliners are a relatively cheap option to go for. I’ve been wearing this lipliner on an almost daily basis, so I already know that I’ll be stocking up on this one soon. I cannot promise that it’ll be the only color I purchase. :)

Essence_Lon glasting_Lipliner_A_GirlEssence_Lon glasting_Lipliner_A_Girl

  • TheCasualPrincess

    Tvoje fotke oduzimaju dah, svaka čast! Ja ove olovke tražim dugo ali nigde ne mogu da ih nađem :(

  • hvala ti! gdje živiš? jesi probala pogledati u dućanima koji drže puno Essence kozmetike, bar 2 štanda?

  • Minna Beauty Corner

    Baš je unikatna nijansa, ali je prelijepaa. Danas definitivno idem do drogerije da vidim jel’ ih imaju. Moram je imati i yummy berry definitivno.

  • mihaela

    definitivno moram probati!!


  • AjdaSitar

    Izgleda čudovito! Sicer pa mije zelo všeč tvoj blog, te spremljam preko Bloglovin!

  • Prestani ih recenzirat, odlicne su a nema ih kod nas :D

  • Možeš li biti savršenija???!!!
    Ne mogu naći ove olovčice ali mi se jako dopada efekat na usnama.

  • dee

    ijuh! ti si pogubna po moj novčanik! sad mi treba, treba, treba ta olovka, kako bih mogla biti oh, so retro, staviti nju i in stitches i furati matchy-matchy usne i nokte :lol:

  • Strawberry-reds are a serious weakness of mine and this shade is so beautiful on you. On the wishlist it goes!

  • Hahaha! Neka, treba nekada matchy-matchy hodati po svijetu! :) Uskoro dolazi više nijansi, pokleknula sam :D

  • Hahahah, uskoro dolazi još! :)

  • :( ajoj, baš mi je žao što nisi naišla na njih, ja ih isto samo u Mülleru mogu kupiti.

  • Hvala ti! :) <3