The month of April was an inbelievably rough to me. The tonsillitis that I contracted half way through the month left me bedbound for the rest of the month. Because of the sickness and a huge amount of work I had to do for university, I know I’ve been a very absent blogger. Unfortunately, since the months of May and June are the busiest, I will also be away. I will try very hard to squeeze in at least two posts per week but I don’t want to make any promises. This semester is my last semester at university so I need to give it my full attention.


My April favorites are featuring two types of products that I’ve never featured on this blog before as I use them so rarely, but they have saved me from looking as ill as I was whenever I left the house. A few months ago when I was looking for a highlighter, I immediately wanted to go for the best. After reading dozens of reviews, the Mary Lou Lumanizer seemed to be the perfect pick. I ordered mine off of Feelunique for a good price. What a wonderful glow this adds to your face! Combined with a good blush, you can mask away the sickness instantly. My blush of choice was Sleek’s Suede blush, a shade that suits my natural skin redness extremely well and gives it a natural, gorgeous flush. While the color is gorgeous, the packaging sometimes gives me a tough time and whenever I struggle with opening the blush, I feel a strong fear that I’ll drop the blush and shatter it.


These two nail polishes are a recent addition to my collection and I find them to be perfect spring colors. The first color is Essie’s Flowerista, a part of the Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2015 collection, which I had the hardest time tracking down because the shade was sold out everywhere! Even though I loved a few other shades from the collection, I decided to save my money for other things. Must stop the nail polish hoarding monster inside of me. Now, you may notice that Flowerista is a PURPLE color which is the most unusual part about me buying it since I dislike purples with a passion. For some reason though, Flowerista has just the right amount of warmth to make it a gorgeous reddish/pinkish purple.


OPI’s Aloha is the second ever OPI nail polish that has joined my nail polish stash. The first shade was a disappointment in my book because the staying power just didn’t live up to the hype that has built up around the company, but this one is a true winner! It is part of OPI’s limited Hawaii collection for Spring 2015 and I loved the perfect mix of red, pink and orange – a fabulous coral shade.

A product that I haven’t photographed another time closely is Essence’s Longlasting Lipliner in A Girl’s Dream. I’ve raved about these lipliners so many times (like here or here or here … or here) that it feels pointless to add anything to that. The shade is perfect. Absolutely perfect. I’m finishing my second sample already.


Lastly, a product that hasn’t left my bag since its purchase is Essence’s Studio Nails Nail Care Pen. This pen is a great way to quickly nourish your cuticles when on the road. It contains almond, sunflower, soy, avocado and jojoba oil, which are all fantastic for the care of dry cuticles. You can also easily push your cuticles back with the pen’s precise tip. This pen is a great alternative to dipping your fingers into a cuticle care balm. Your fingers stay dry and clean, while your cuticles are nourished.

  • Dopadaju mi se favoriti :)
    Imam essence olovčicu za nokte, ali onu roze pakovanja, za ispravljanje grešaka prilikom lakiranja :)
    Moram probati i ovu ako je nađem :) ESSIE lak je prelep, a o Mary Lou sam čitala tone pohvala,
    međutim, nakon početne ideje da mi treba nešto takvo, shvatila sam da ipak nije za mene i moj ten, i da volim drugačiji tip hajlajtera :)

  • Jane

    Gorgeous favs! I LOVE that essie polish! I have been eyeing that shade since I saw it at DM. I’m going to have to get that Essence care pen…my cuticles are jadni! ;)

  • Ena Sarić

    Savrseno je sve… <3 pogotovo hajlajter! :D