What’s in my bag?

In my last post, I hoped for better days. Instead, I got sick. While lying in bed I decided to make a first-ever “What’s in my bag?” post. I love taking a peek in other people’s bags, so here’s mine! I have to warn you that it’s not all too exciting, but if you’ve ever wondered what I drag around, have a look!


If anyone’s wondering about the model of the bag, it’s Michael Kors’s Cindy Satchel in medium. The only reason why I purchased this bag is because it’s cognac colored, small and durable. I go through at least two cognac-colored, small bags a year. It’s one of the few key pieces that I continue to repurchase season after season, like cognac colored oxford shoes. Can you tell cognac-colored leather is a favorite of mine?


On to the content of the bag. The essentials like house keys and a wallet are always there. Though I’ve never been to London, I use a heart shaped London keychain, a gift from a dear friend, to recognize my keys instantly. My wallet is by Tommy Hilfiger, and it holds all important and obvious things like ID cards, bank cards, money and small photos of beloved ones.

Since recently, I have also tossed in my Ray-Ban Aviators. These you buy once and wear forever. I still own a pair of my mother’s old wayfarers from the 80s. Ray-Bans are timeless.

A Uni-Pen fineliner is a must in my bag. It’s my writing utencil of choice and I use it all the time. The thing in the middle is a temporary visitor of my bag – throat pastilles. Sadly, they aren’t really helping soothe my inexplicably sore throat.

When it comes to skin and nail care, I always have at least one hand creme in my bag. On really strange days, my bag can get crowded with up to five half-empty hand creme tubes. I go through many hand cremes and like to try out new ones constantly. Currently, I am finishing Neutrogena’s Hand & Nail hand cream and L’Occitane’s Amande Delicious Hands cream. The whole almond collection by L’Occitane smells absolutely divine, I am honestly surprised they haven’t released a corresponding perfume yet. Moa’s Green balm is a premanent resident of my bag because of its long list of uses. Most of the time, I use it as a lip balm or a special care balm for cuts, burns or cuticles. Another product I like pampering my cuticles with is Essence’s Nail Care Pen – the long orange pen in the top right. If I need a quick fix of my cuticles and need the oil to dry fast, I reach for this. A fantastic on the go cuticle care product.

Another product that I always carry many of is the Invisibobble. I have completely replaced regular hair ties with Invisibobbles and have never looked back. My hair and scalp both like them so, so much, I have started “converting” my friends as well.

Last, but not least, there’s obviously some make up in my bag. As it’s spring, I have chosen very light and peachy colors. The two lip pencils are the famous Longlasting Lipliners by Essence in the shades A Girl’s Dream and Peach Beauty. I am already on my second sample of A Girl’s Dream because it gives my lips such a healthy, muted red color. The only lipstick that can be found in my bag at the moment is Peche Cosy by Bourjois, which I often interchange with Rose Tweed from the same collection.

Now onto the things that are missing.

For one – my phone! Basically, my phone will be in my hands or my pocket 99 % of the time. I hereby avoid having to dig for it among all these items and missing a phonecall.

Tissues. I constantly need them, yet I never ever have them with me. I should work on taking them with me more often.

Mirrors. I feel like most girls have at least one mirror in their bag to make sure their make up sits right. I always lose small mirrors and I rarely have products with me that have built in mirrors. I guess my phone’s front camera could do, though I always forget about that.


What are some things that you seem to never have in your bag yet always need? Do you hoard any products in your bag?

  • Ena Sarić

    Najgore mi je kada mijenjam stavri iz torbe u torbu i zaboravim kljuceve! :D XD

  • Minna Beauty Corner

    Torba je baš lijepa, sviđa mi se i boja. Prvo što sam vidjela je Sleek i Bourjois, jer se kod mene ta dva ruža mijenjaju. Ja imam nijansu Rose Tweed, ali opet najviše koristim Sleek :)

  • Prelepa ti je torba! Palo mi je na pamet da uradim ovako nešto na blogu, ali torba koju trenutno nosim (odnosno jedina normalna torba koju imam) je ogromna, nimalo stylish i u njoj je uglavnom gomila stvari za fakultet! Ne verujem da bi to nekome bilo zanimljivo. Tvoj post, s druge strane, je odličan! xx

  • Jean Love

    ja za grlo koristim bombone od žalfije (kadulje) koje kupim u dm-u, Das gesunde Plus, ljubičasto pakiranje. imaš sa i bez šećera. meni su super je baš ublaže grlobolju, a nisu puni sveg i svačeg ko ove pastile. za kadulju je poznato da ima antibakterijsko djelovanje, a nisu ni skupi, oko 1 euro :)

  • Sweet little Things Blog

    Obožavam čitati ovakav tip postova, tvoja tobica mi se jaako sviđa isto kao i njen sadržaj :)

  • dee

    divim ti se kako putuješ light :)
    moja torba je trenutno desigual mcbee (čisto da si zamisliš dimenzije. i broj džepova), ali ni inače ne idem baš na puno manje od nje. veće ne – jer ih je teško naći. i krcata je. mislim da bi mi trebala 3 posta da napravim inventuru. od igle do lokomotive.
    što se hoardanja tiče, hoardam ruževe i olovke, redovito. danas sam stavila bourjois, ubacim ga u torbu. sutra stavim sleek, ubacim ga u torbu da ga mogu popraviti na pauzi. prekosutra stavljam essence – u torbu. i tako u jednom trenutku imam desetak različitih ruževa u torbi :facepalm:
    hoardam i olovke. pet-šest različitih boja u pernici, a onda još “freelancerice” samo iskaču iz različitih džepova.