You don’t go through the summer without a bright, hot pink lipstick. I was first introduced to Wet’N’Wild back in 2007 when it wasn’t yet available in Croatia, so I ordered some of their products through eBay. I was always a big fan of their matte Megalast lipsticks, though I would say that they have a slightly less matte texture compared to Mac’s matte finish. They are described as semi-matte on their official website.


I have read some complaints about the dryness of the lipstick, making them too hard to apply, but I haven’t experienced the pulling reviewers described, at least not with the shades I own. Smokin’ Hot Pink is a very flattering hot pink, not too cold for yellow undertones and not overly neon. I find that it looks particularly lovely on tanned skin. I believe most of us know the struggle of finding a good matte lipstick in the drugstore make up range, but these lipsticks don’t disappoint. They are incredibly pigmented and long lasting for the price. They don’t come as cheap as they do in the United states – about €2,90 at DM (Croatia) compared to about €1,35 when on sale at Walgreens (USA) – but the price tag seems ridiculously low compared to Mac’s or Chanel’s price tags of € 20+. In all honesty, you will NOT be disappointed with this range. Unless you get one of the shades that are tricky to apply.


Besides extraordinarily high quality, some of these lipstick shades are good dupes for more expensive lipsticks. Some say that Stoplight Red is a less drying dupe for Mac’s Ruby Woo, but I am far too in love with my Ruby Woo sample, I just don’t see myself reaching for an alternative. Feel free to turn to Google for swatches of those two shades next to each other. If you’re struggling with Ruby Woo’s retro matte madness, take a look at Stoplight Red. Also, W’n’W’s Sugar Plum Fairy seems to be a good dupe for Mac’s Rebel lipstick. I cannot pull off Rebel, but if you’re madly in love with Rebel and on a budget, Sugar Plum Fairy may be the solution for you.

The whole Megalast lipstick range offers wonderful, bright colors, most of which are fantastic shades for this hot summer.


  • The only problem with the lipsticks is the dinky packaging which, to be honest, is not even a problem at all.
    Them lipsticks are a dream.

  • Prelepa!!!! Karmin ti stoji divno :))

  • Eeeee! I can see more of your gorgeous face!! :)

  • Love this color! X

  • Prelepa! Divan post, kao i uvek :)

  • Lissy Hayes

    This colour looks amazing on you! I’d love to try these lipsticks!


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    This lipstick looks super great on you babe….xx, NEHA