The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

Though I had expected that June would keep me way more busy than May, there was an incredible amount of work to do for university. Next to that, I had also been travelling for work, so I fell behind in blogging. Today, I thought I’d write up a review of the Mary Lou Manizer, a fantastic highlighter that I’ve been using on a daily basis for the past two months. Originally, it was a blind buy based on a sea of positive reviews, but I discovered how great this lumanizer was when I fell sick with tonsillitis and had to leave the house looking somewhat decent.


I purchased the Mary Lou Manizer on Feelunique for €18.40 using a 20% discount code. Watching out for discount codes can be a great way to save money on sites like Feelunique, HQHair and Lookfantastic. The price of the product now seems to be close to €25, so it’s quite a luxury buy. The company The Balm makes two highlighters, one being the golden version called Mary-Lou Manizer and the other being its pinkish sister Cindy-Lou Manizer. Both receive raving reviews in the beauty world, but Mary-Lou Manizer seems to be the more popular version due to its golden sheen.


The luminizer can be used as a highlighter, shimmer and eyeshadow. It comes in super trendy, vintage-style packaging. Inside the round plastic container equipped with a mirror, you receive 8.5 grams of product. This could last you forever! The luminizer is super duper shiny and a little goes a looong way. What I love most about this luminizer is the fact that it only contains the finest shimmer and there is no chunky glitter to make you glow like a disco ball. It’s highly blendable and it’s very easy to build up the shine by adding more product, so you’re able to go from a light sheen to a strong glow without a problem. I love using it on my browbone to add a nice highlight to my eyes. I definitely don’t regret this blind buy because it’s a product I adore so much, and I feel like it’ll last me forever!


  • Gorgeous! I’ve had my eye on this highlighter for a while! I only order things when there’s a sale…well 90% of the time! :) I have been swamped but I’m coming closer to finishing up a couple of projects!

  • Makeup by Ilona

    Ne znam zašto ali meni se prosto činiš kao osoba koja jako pametno kupuje kozmetiku a ja to jako poštujem! Inače nikako da se dokopam ovog proizvoda :D

  • Slažem se sa Iloninim komentarom! Mary Lou je stunning <3

  • Makeup Nindža

    I ja obožavam Mary Lou, a odnedavno sam ju počela koristiti kao sjenilo i ne znam za što je bolja :D Divota baš :)

  • This looks like the perfect highlight colour, I really want to try it out!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  • Obozavam ovo malo cudo, a svoj sam platila samo 15 eura :) dok je bio jos jeftiniji i uz popust od 20% cini mi se.

  • Jao, ja se strašno trudim pametno kupovati. Mislim da je to posebno teško kad si beauty blogger i kad čitatelji očekuju da si u toku s najnovijim proizvodima. Ali ja sam se nekako naučila proizvode dobro promotriti i prostudirati prije nego što ih kupim, ne samo zbog štednje novca već i štednje proizvoda. Kod mene nećeš naći proizvode kako trunu na polici. :)

  • Prelepa je Mary i ne sumnjam da ti stoji divno,
    ali sam je ipak precrtala sa liste shvativši da nije to to,
    bar kad je u pitanju moj ten :)

  • Treba mi Meri. To je sve što imam da kažem. :D

  • mfashionfreak

    jako lijepo izgleda :)