Well, hello there! Yes, I am still alive!

I realize that I haven’t been the best blogger during the summer months. The biggest reason is the fact that I have the most job related work to do during the summer months, from May to October, and because I am constantly traveling it is impossible to carry lots of beauty products, let alone try new ones and review them as I do. Although I still have quite a few trips ahead of me, it is much easier for me to dedicate my spare time to blogging now.

Because I could only carry a limited number of products with me in my little suitcase, I decided to gather my June, July and August favorites into one single post and title them “Summer favorites”. Funnily enough, because some of these products are true summer products, I left them at my other apartment where I live during the summer months. What do you do when you cannot photograph the products you want to feature on your blog? You illustrate them! This is my first time doing something adventurous like that and boooy, did that take a while.


Let’s move on to the products. I managed to sneak away to the beach a couple of times and these two products were my absolute beach essentials. First of them is Kerastase’s Aqua-Seal. It’s a silicone and UV protector loaded product that saved my hair from the usual dryness it tends to suffer from at the end of summer. This is the second year that I’ve been using this product and I won’t be forgetting it next summer either.


The other beach essential is a product by Croatia’s own natural cosmetics company called Biobaza. Biobaza makes the best, natural sun tanning marmelades. Although they should be used cautiously because they won’t protect you against UVA and UVB rays, they deliver the most amazing tan in the shortest time. I wish I was this tan all year round. Last summer I used up the original marmelade that comes in the white, plastic container and this summer I decided to use up what was left of the Golden Sun edition of the marmelade. This one is loaded with gold glitter! I am not a huge fan of glittery skin, I don’t mind glitter on the beach. The biggest con of these marmelades is the fact that you just cannot wash them out of your bikinis, so make sure to wear one you won’t cry over. While I prefer the absence of glitter in the original marmelade version, I prefer the texture of the Golden Sun edition, because it applies nicely on both dry and wet skin, while the original leaves brown clumps of product when applied to wet skin and is generally more difficult to apply.

Mac_Face_And_Body_Foundation_Benefit_Theyre_Real_MascaraDuring the summer, I was able to fall in love with my favorite foundation – Mac’s Face & Body foundation – all over again. The girl who made me miss foundation in my make up routine is my lovely friend from lifestajler. When she came to visit me in Vienna during the summer, we crossed things off of her make up shopping list together and when two girls go shopping together, one way or the other too much money will be spent. I can safely assume that we spent at least 45 minutes browsing the MAC counter and we definitely didn’t leave empty handed. She got more goodies and much better ones, but I walked away happily with my new foundation and a matching concealer. Because my skin got darker, I needed to purchase a darker shade. The light texture of this foundation is absolutely perfect for summer. It applies beautifully, provides light to medium coverage and gives your skin an amazing, natural glow.

Another product that I got hooked on because of my friend is Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara. Usually, I am a very stingy when it comes to mascara, because most mascaras become useless within two months, and I was disappointed by high end brand mascaras on multiple occasions. Still, I took the plunge and bought They’re Real because it just worked. I love my lashes with this mascara. Years ago, I discovered I wasn’t the most skilled person at using plastic bristled mascaras and would poke myself which would result in painful eye styes. Basically, I am taking a risk day after day when using this mascara. :)

Finally, we arrive at my favorite nail polish shades for the summer of 2015. Obviously, a nail polish fanatic like me couldn’t immediately choose two or three shades to use during the summer months. Instead, I packed 8 shades. I ended up rotating these two and never even opening a third bottle. The first shade is a bright red with just a hint of orange called Fifth Avenue. I received a mini version of this shade for last Christmas from le boyfriend, but I replaced its empty bottle with the full size. This bright red-orange looks amazing on tan skin and so does the other favorite – Bikini So Teeny. According to Essie, Bikini So Teeny is their most popular shade. I found that somewhat hard to believe because I feel like everyone knows Essie because of Mint Candy Apple, but I was happy about Bikini So Teeny accompanying me during my summer vacation. This blue is a great summer shade and it contains tiny shimmer particles, which are only visible in direct sunlight.


The fact that I am writing about my summer favorites means that summer is over and that makes me very, very sad, but I’ll keep enjoying these last few days or even weeks of warm weather. Have a lovely, warm weekend!


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    Jako mi je drago što si ponovo tu! Oduševljena sam ilustracijama!

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    Divno! Dobro došla natrag, više puta sam svraćala u toku pauze kako bih se podsetila nekih stvari ;)
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    Ilustracije su fantastične! Bravo!
    Favoriti očekivano zanimljivi.

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    Jako su ti lijepe ilustracije. Uvijek nešto novo i zanimljivo kod tebe. :)

  • Awesome favourites! :)

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    ilustracije su mrak! :))

    i ja isto obožavam ovu Biobazu, koristim ju već drugu godinu za redom, i odlično potamnim (iako i inače potamnim brzo), ali mi se zahvaljujući Biobazi, boja drži puuuno duže :)
    čekam novi post :*

  • Prelepe ilustracije!!

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  • I love that Benefit mascara! Great illustrations aswell!

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