The very late May favorites have decided to make an appearance on my blog. I do realize that I have been away for far too long, but I won’t go into extreme detail about what has been happening in my life. I can round it all up and tell you that it has been a super busy, but amazing beginning of summer. All the hard work that I was doing paid off.  Hopefully, it will become easier for me now to update this blog on a more frequent basis.


Because May and June have been very busy months for me, I didn’t get to try that many new beauty products, but I did make a few discoveries at the beginning of the month. Those discoveries ultimately became my favorites. One of those discoveries is Look by Bipa’s Allrounder 6-in-1 nail file. I was finally able to wear my nails bare without them looking like yellow nails of a smoker. This file comes with 6 differently rough sides that do wonders for my nails. After filing my nails down with my regular glass file, I use sides 2 through 6 to polish my nails. My favorite sides are 2 and 3, because these two help you get rid of yellow nails. I have noticed that the yellow tint that we all dread when wearing nail polish is just a thin buildup on your nails and can be filed down with a semi-rough surface like surface number 2 of this file. I then use sides 3 and 4 to give my nails a very smooth surface and I’m ready to paint my nails. If though, I feel like wearing my nails bare but want them to shine abnormally, I use sides 5 and 6 to achieve a brilliant shine. It is absolutely insane how much your nails will shine without a drop of nail polish. For the price of €2,49, I can only recommend this product.

Another manicure related favorite is Essence’s Nail Polish Corrector Pen. I have mentioned this product’s “sister” in my April favorites – the Nail Care Pen. The corrector pen has quickly become a favorite of mine as it allows me to clean up any mess caused by imprecise nail polish application. I feel like this is a more practical solution compared to a brush I have used until now as you get multiple tips that you can exchange, and the polish remover doesn’t take a toll on the tips as it does on a regular brush.


My two favorite nail polish shades for the month of May were Essie’s Hubby for Desert, a nail polish shade from the 2015 Bridal Collection and Sugar Daddy, a regular shade of the Essie line-up. Hubby for Desert was like a wave everywhere on Instagram, and because I was a huge fan of Essie’s Go Ginza, I really wanted to go for its sheer, less pink sister shade. Sugar Daddy is another sheer shade that I adore. Your nails will look simple and clean. Because I am finishing this text at the very end of July, I can already tell you that both my June and July favorites will be filled with sheer shades. I’ve been loving the clean nail look lately, even though summer has started and shelves are, as expected, filled with neon colors.


Finally, a perfume favorite for the month of May. This perfume is one of two or three perfume bottles that I actually bought myself for myself. I’ve been super lucky when it comes to perfume. It seems like people somehow knew which ones I liked as I received most of my favorite perfumes as gifts – scents like Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle, Chloe by Chloe, Chanel’s Chance Eau Tendre. I remember that I purchased Dolce & Gabbana’s L’Imperatrice one winter years ago because of a strange note that I immediately fell in love with. There is something so delicate and fresh about L’Imperatrice, but I used to wear it very rarely as I felt the scent was too special to be an everyday scent. During the month of May though, it turned into my signature scent. Usually, I keep this bottle on my table and reapply it throughout the day. Is there a scent you feel a special connection to? :)



  • Beautiful polishes. I’ll try the scent in August ;)

  • <3

  • The two essie colours look gorgeous and I hope life is good for you at the moment!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  • tinkole

    Yay, a new post! I’m happy that you’re doing well and the work paid off. I’ve only discovered your blog in spring and I had to read all the posts over the span of few days. I love your photos.

    I don’t like wearing perfume, maybe just a little swipe of Lush massage bar Tender is the night behind my ears and on my wrists. If I ever got a good scent of spanish orange trees and flowery streets in spring, I’d wear that all the time, though.