I love hair. Generally, I think most girls are at least a tiny bit obsessed with their hair. The washing, caring, straightening, curling, dyeing – there is so much unbelievable stuff we put our hair through! I thought I’d give you a quick overview of my hair tools in this post, and then another overview of my favorite hair products in a future post.


I have naturally curly hair so air-drying is not something I do unless it’s summer and I try to avoid blow drying my hair on a daily basis. While my curls are quite nice, straight hair is more manageable and tidier, even though you’d think it takes more time to style. I prefer wearing my hair straight.


Before I decided to invest money in a good blow dryer that would allow me to ditch the hair straightener, I would straighten my hair far too often. To be able to straighten my hair completely, I also had to invest in a large, round brush and learn how to work with those two with just two hands. But more on that later. I was originally looking at the Parlux 3500 Ceramic Ionic Compact dryer and GHD’s Air hairdryer. I ended up going for the Parlux for two simple reasons:

1. Parlux parts are all made in Italy and the hairdryer comes at a price of around 80 where the ghd Air is made in China and available at the price of around 130

2. Parlux makes NOTHING but hairdryers, and their products are top notch – used in many salons worldwide

Never have I ever regretted this decision. The hairdryer is incredibly strong, yet compact and light. If you are looking to invest in a new hairdryer, check out Parlux!



Are you also amazed by how straight your hair dresser can get your hair with just a brush and a hair dryer? My hair was always softer and nicer after leaving the hair salon than I could ever get it to be at home and I knew that it was because of the drying technique. Ultimately, I realized it was time for me to learn that very technique. A few days after ordering the Parlux hair dryer, I also ordered Olivia Garden’s large Ceramic + Ion Thermal round brush (Diameter 65mm). There’s something about this brush that leaves my hair silky smooth and thanks to the ceramic, my hair dries much faster. The only negative thing about this brush is its size, but there isn’t a place I’d go without this brush! Okay, maaaybe during summer when I don’t bother straightening my hair more than once a week.



I started straightening my hair about ten years ago. I tried Braun, Rowenta and Remington hair straighteners but concluded that price equals quality in this product category. Originally, I was going to get the famous GHD V hair straightener, but after a long online research, Cloud Nine was my decision. It seems that the original creators of GHD sold the company after a quarrel, but got back together a few years later to found a new company – Cloud Nine. The company is only few years old, and all their products are made in South Korea as opposed to GHDs which are made in China. I read quite a few complaints online about the declining quality of the GHD hair straighteners over the past ten years, but I personally cannot confirm that as I’ve never tried a GHD straightener. The selling point for me was the temperature regulation. My hair isn’t thick and it’s fairly easy to manage, so I wanted a straightener that didn’t force me to use one setting. When I use my Cloud Nine, I use it at 150 degrees, which is more than enough to achieve perfectly straight hair. With that said, I rarely use it these days. I let my sideswept bangs grow out, and now that I’ve really gotten the hang of blow drying my hair straight, I barely ever take this straightener out of its drawer.



Aaah, the famous tangle teezer. These detangling brushes have been a hit in the beauty community over the past two years or so. You really, really need to own one of these if you’ve ever dreamed of pain-free hair brushing. Believe me, your scalp will thank you! As the name says, this brush is ideal for detangling, and you can even use it on wet hair. I find that the brush would benefit from a redesign, as the ergonomics are strange, despite the form being perfectly suited for one’s palm. Maybe it’s just me, but I continually drop this brush.



My secret weapon. I already spoke about this in my 2014 favorites, so I won’t make this long. I use this on a daily basis, once in the morning and once in the evening. The wooden bristles give my scalp an excellent massage, but that’s not the only reason why I adore this brush! :)


Wow, now that I see all these tools I can also see that I own too many black things. Both the Tangle Teezer and the Parlux hairdryer come in so many gorgeous colors, yet I went for black. I’ll let my chosen profession (architecture) take the blame for that.

  • bas odlican post :) ja nista ne radim pretjerano sa svojom kosom, znam napravit jednu frizuru ( rep ) haha ili ju nosim prirodno. uglavnom se ujutro probudim i samo ju malo razbarusim i to je to..

  • Koristan post, posto sam i sama opsjednuta kosom :) imam prirodno jako jako ravno kosu, bez volumena, ali ravna je kao da ju peglam – i prirodno, kao i sve zene – ne zelim to nego hocu blago valovitu :D Tako da te razumijem da i ti zelis suprotno od onog sto imas…od sveg navedenog imam jedino tangle teezer (ali drugu verziju) i srecom posto je mama bila frizerka, ostalo joj je od salona nesto opreme pa imam profi okrugle cetke i fenove, spasava me u situacijama kad moram brzinski dobiti neku frizuru :)

  • Ja sam definitivno freak za kosu :D tako da sam ovaj post s guštom pročitala.
    Čula sam već za Parlux sušila i nisam naišla na negativne komentare, no kako je to zasad proizvod van mog novčanog budžeta, kupila sam prije desetak dana novi Remington ionski fen i mogu ti reći da sam oduševljena. Fenirati/sušiti kosu s takvim uređajem i nekim random jeftinim sušilom je neusporedivo bolje. Tako da mogu zamisliti kakva čuda radi Parlux. :D
    Trenutno sam u potrazi za novom četkom, ali ne pronalazim ništa što mi se sviđa. Sve mi djeluje bezveze, a rado bih uložila novce u takav alat kad bih znala da bi dobila svilenkasto isfeniranu kosu kakvu opisuješ u postu. :D Našla sam Olivia Garden četku na ebayu i pomislih kak je cijena OK i onda me šokirao iznos poštarine lol.