And the day has come. I started this blog roughly 2 months ago hoping to share my opinion and views on makeup with anyone who was willing to read them. I have since gathered around 100 people who follow my blog and I feel really honored. :)
So to thank my subscribers and my new readers, I’m doing this giveaway. It’s a small giveaway but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Why am I giving away THESE things? 
Well, I believe that every girl needs a nude nail polish in her collection. Sometimes, when you just don’t feel like wearing bright colors on your nails, nude nail polish is the way to go. It makes hands look very ladylike and glamorous. I have featured this nail polish in this post.

A second color you need is a true red – whether dark or bright. Red nails have been around forever and a red nail polish is a MUST HAVE. I have featured a dark red in this post.

To add a fun color to it, I am also giving away a nice deep berry color which, I believe, is great for the fall and winter. I have featured this lovely color in this post.

The nail polishes are by the brand s-he stylezone.

Cleaning up nails is important. I know a lot of people don’t do it but nails really look so much cleaner and more professionally done when using a brush to clean up the color close to your cuticles. You can read about that here.
But, if you don’t want to, you can use this brush for gel eyeliner, for which it originally is meant for or as a lip brush – your choice. The brush is by the brand Essence.
The last thing I am giving away is Balea’s splashy watermelon lip balm that I have reviewed a while ago.

All products are from brands that have declared themselves as CRUELTY FREE so I am giving this giveaway a stamp for that, because I know that that fact is very important to some of my readers.

I. The contest is international.
II. The contest is open from November 14, 2011 – November 21, 2011.
III. Since I am doing this giveaway for my followers, click the little button follow prior to entering the giveaway. You can find it right under the word “color” of my logo.
IV. To enter:
Leave me your e-mail address and name so that I know how to contact you in the comments below. You can add whatever soothes your soul. :)
V. You can enter only once via comment, but if you would like to be counted TWICE, mention the giveaway on your blog if you have one and just leave the post link below. :)
VI. I will choose a random winner on November 22nd and send out an e-mail. Please respond within 48 hours or I will have to choose a 2nd winner.

Good luck! :)