In spite of the grey clouds above Vienna, I have decided to wear this peach beauty to a museum today. Another one of Essence’s Longlasting Lipliners has quickly become a favorite of mine.


The shade 04 is called Peach Beauty, and it obviously wasn’t making it tough for the designers and name givers over at Essence. Such a girly, fun, bright color for spring. At first I was hesitant to buy it, because I was sure that it was the same shade as Bourjois’s lipstick in Peche Cosy. How wrong I was. Peach Beauty has much stronger pink and red tones and that leaves Peche Cosy looking quite orange-y. Also, the lipstick by Bourjois is far more sheer than this lipliner. I feel stupid for repeating it yet again, but I feel obligated to write about the lipliners’ availability and price. Sadly, the 9 gorgeous shades are exclusive to Müller stores for the low price of €1,49 per lipliner. I am pretty sure that everyone who has seen these has stocked up on at least three colors, Plum Cake seems to be everyone’s favorite, and funnily enough, it’s the exact one that I didn’t get. Yet. Nooo, just kidding, I won’t be going back for Plum Cake, as my relationship with purples isn’t a harmonic one.

Tomorrow is the last day of March, which can only mean one thing – March favorites! I find it hard to wave goodbye to March, it felt like a long week rather than a month. Nevertheless, day by day, the trees are turning more green, so I’m looking forward to the sunny days that April and May will bring.



  • Gorgoeus!

  • Saša Knežević

    Divna nijansa <3 sve sam ih ja pokupovala, što da se radi kad je jedna ljepša od druge! :D

  • Such a lovely colour, I need to get my hands on some of these lip liners!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD // Win a Luxury Beauty Item of your Choice

  • Samo da prijavim da sam cak iz Njemacke nabavila yummy berry i plum cake, zahvaljujuci tebi :D aaali odlicne su!

  • Prelepa! :D Obozavam sve sto vuce na koralne tonove.

  • Ema

    Meni je ipak Mart tako dugo trajao da sam jedva čekala da završi.. Napokon April :-) A olovkica je ekstra :-)

  • i don’t know that i’ve seen these retractible essence lipliners in stores in australia, i know we have the wooden pencils that you have to sharpen (and none of the colours really do much for me) but i love the look of these wind-up pencils. i’ll have to keep an eye out for them!

    jessica –

  • Hahaha ovo me dobro nasmijalo! :D

  • The wooden pencils are also great, but these take it up a notch, they are too creamy! :)