Today I went to the doctor’s to find out what has been causing my severe sore throat. It turns out that I have somehow contracted tonsillitis. For all of you who have had it, please tell me how to successfully soothe the pain, and for all of you who haven’t had it, I sincerely hope you never get to experience it. The one good thing about tonsillitis is sticking to soft food and that means cake in my book. :)

Today, I am also showing you a gorgeous red nail polish with barely visible hints of pink. The shade True Love is part of Essence’s new nail polish line which has quickly gained many fans. Here, I applied two coats of True Love with great ease. One coat gives superb coverage, but I went for two like I usually do.


The shade spoke to me instantly. On the shelf, it was surrounded by a true, bright red and a deep, wine red. The interesting thing about this one is the pink. Unfortunately, the pink is most visible in daylight. In most other lighting conditions you could immediately pass it off as red. To show you how the color compares to real reds, I have placed it between Essence’s old red nail polish Fame Fatal and its dark red sister Do You Speak Love? Although it is instantly visible how different True Love is next to the two reds, its uniqueness somehow vanishes when applied to your nails. That is unless you are standing in the sun.


  • Beatrix

    Meni u bočici izgleda kao svjetlija Bahama Mama. :)
    No je na noktima stvarno drugačiji.. Uistinu, neobična nijansa sve u svemu. (a tvoji nokti su predivni!)

  • Sweet About Me blog

    Nijansa je predivna, na popisu za kupovinu mi je. A slike nisu ništa manje divne, kao i uvijek :)

  • Sonja

    Predivna boja <3
    Probala bih tu gel varijantu, one obicne ne volim, jako su mi bili nepostojani.
    I odlicno ti boja ide uz oblik noktiju. :)

  • Stalno tjeras na kupovinu ovim recenzijama essence-a :)) Polako nabavljam sve sto vidim. Nijansa je savrsena! Neki dan sam kupila Engaged, pogledaj i njega, a imam ga na noktima u zadnjem postu :*

  • Jean Love

    i mene su oduševili! :) ova mi je divna, već sam ju gledala, možda i kupim. :)

  • that is SO gorgeous!!! Love the feel to your blog too:)