Lately, my life has been happening according to Murphey’s law. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Just yesterday I managed to slice my index finger open with a Stanley knife, which is why my left hand couldn’t make an appearance today. Typing this post is quite the painful task. Because the worst is (hopefully) behind me, I could take some time today to give my hands the long needed manicure. I’ll be taking extra good care of them for the next couple of days to nourish them back to health. Though my nails were getting quite long and in the way of things I needed to do last week, I resisted filing them down. There are too many spring collections out there that include  gorgeous, vibrant shades of nail polish. A couple are already on their way to my place. :)


Ever since Essence relaunched their nail polish line, their shelves have been half empty in most stores. This peachy shade, although called Indian Summer, is perfect for a spring manicure. On many swatches and in store it seems very pale, but it is indeed quite bright, and in some lighting conditions it can actually look neon. Though a pastel peach would be stunning as well, Indian Summer is a shade you won’t regret adding to your collection, whether you decide to abuse it in spring or in summer.


As I wrote in my March favorites post, this new nail polish formula is a vast improvement compared to their old Color & Go line. I can go for at least two days without any wear. The only down side, in my opinion, is the drying time. If you’re used to Essie’s formula, stay patient while these dry. When dry, their quality surpasses their price greatly. I felt the strongest buyer’s remorse after paying over €25 for a Chanel nail polish – only to find out that they chip like crazy. Seeing that price tag again makes my heart ache a little. You can buy 12 Essence’s shades for that money. Twelve for the price of one with far better quality. Ahh, the wonderful perks of marketing and design.

When close to an Essence stand, give their gel line a shot. The color palette is quite large, and at under €2 per bottle, it’s almost a sin not to reach for at least one shade!

  • Katarina Komazec

    Savršeno se slaže uz tu sivu boju! :)

  • Flores

    Lak nije nikako moja boja, ali slike su divne. :)

  • Minna Beauty Corner

    Predivna nijansa, ja sam uzela sebi nekoliko lakova iz gel linije i još par ih imam na wish listi. :)

  • Moja najdraža nijansa od tih The Gel lakova <3

  • Ema

    Ovu moram imati u kolekciji, skroz je predivna ^_^

  • Love this colour, such a pretty coral for this time of year!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD // Win a Luxury Beauty Item of your Choice

  • Sweet About Me blog

    Nijansa je divna. Nisam sigurna jesu li došli kod nas, ali svakako jedva čekam :) Slike divne, kao i uvijek :)

  • Jean Love

    predivan! ja sam kupila #lucky, rozi, baš me zanima :)

  • Ajme predivan je! Baš sam ga gledala jučer, ali sam se ipak odlučila za onaj baby plavi jer nemam plavaca u kolekciji :D

  • Misha Markic

    I feel your pain :/ žao mi je zbog posekotine, nadam se da će brzo proći.
    Lak je divan, imam i ja jednu nijansu i moram primetiti da su trajniji nego ”obični” essence lakovi.

  • Mells corner

    I mene je ova linija poprilično iznenadila. Puno su trajniji na noktima od prijašnjih linija te namjeravam kupiti još par komada. Snimila sam jednog krasnog nudača, mora biti moj .<3

  • Ježurka

    Na tvojim noktima boja izgleda divno… srećom pa nisu skupi pa ću probati iako već imam dva slična ali oba blješte (oba iz kolekcije color & go, običan i mat), a baš želim neku mekšu, peachy varijantu

  • I have the same one on my nails at the moment. I love the texture and staying power. But the color on me is not that pale pastel peachy, but more neon peachy. I would prefer pale peachy :P

  • I can see why . theyre gorgeous and seem to apply like a dream!Ive been trying to hunt them down too :))