This is going to be hard to write. I try hard to be an optimist, to find the best in everything. But, with Deborah Milano’s nail polish in the shade number 29, that’s incredibly hard to do. I bought this nail polish months and months ago back in Croatia but I don’t like using it. You will see by the photos of the bottle, it is obvious that I have used it many times, and I am forcing myself to use it up even though I don’t enjoy it.

The color is a nice deep red, it goes on smooth, it’s very opaque, but the general quality of the nail polish is where the problems appear. It does not chip though, it can go for up to two whole days without a single chip, but the problem is how fragile the surface or general consistency of the nail polish is. I applied two coats and let my nails dry completely. With most nail polishes it takes 10 minutes tops. But with this one, even during the next day I couldn’t properly touch or scratch the nail without leaving a dent in it. I’m really hoping that you understand what I mean by the way I’m describing it.

Basically, through all those scratches and fingerprints, the glossiness of the polish disappears. That’s very unfortunate because it could have been such a nice, glossy, dark red color. I applied it yesterday evening and my nails already look scratched with an obvious lack of shine which is why I rarely wear it over a day. What is your experience with this nail polish brand? Have you experienced the same problem?

  • Prekrasan je lak! Divne fotografije, sad sam drugi put kod tebe na blogu, ali prvi put komentiram :)

  • Divna nijansa popraćena fantastičnim fotkama.

  • hvala puno! nijansa divna, ali kvaliteta zaista nije nešto.

  • Drago mi je da ti se sviđaju fotografije! :)

  • opet posebne fotke <3
    želim tu šalicu :D

  • Slike su ti predobre! Tu na malo većem formatu tek vidim kako je lak lijep!

  • Ne znam hoćeš li vidjeti ovo sada, ali mislim da će tvoj problem riješiti dobar bazni i top coat. Preporučujem Sally Hansen fast drying top coat, odličan je :)