It isn’t possible to walk by these glittery lacquers without stopping. When I spotted the golden glitter in Stars & Stories, it immediately ended up in my shopping cart.

Catrice’s nail polish in 07 Stars & Stories is part of their 2014 Fall/Winter collection Luxury Lacquers Million Brilliance. There is also a line called Liquid Metal, which I assume is a metallic finish – one I’m not a big fan of on my nails. This gold nail polish contains a large number of tiny golden specks and just a few large ones – just the opposite from Essence’s golden topper that I mentioned a few posts ago. Pairing it with a nude nail polish works like a dream. Essie’s Spin The Bottle is a nude I keep returning to. I am seriously considering picking up the silver shade called It’s Showtime, and pairing it with colder tones like Chinchilly. The whole line has 8 different shades, each one more gorgeous than the next.

As the holidays are approaching and I am becoming braver when it comes to wearing glitter and shimmer, more experiments will follow. :)

  • predivno!:)

  • Prelep manikir, tako nežan i ženstven. :)

  • Krasna manikura, a ovaj zlaćani malac me oduševio! Stavila sam ga na popis i kupujem za koji dan. Nadam se samo da ću ga pronaći. :D

  • Krasna manikura, iako još uvijek nisam sigurna sviđa li mi se ovaj Catrice ili ne… :/

    Pitanjce – fotografiraš u lightboxu ili???
    (Mislim ono, znam da se s postavkama svašta može, međutim posljednjih dana su svjetlosni uvjeti katastrofa pa razmišljam o nekom DIY projektu)